Tuesday, 15 November 2016

Best Agility Training Exercises for Athletes

Agility training has become very important for athletes today. Strength and stamina are not enough for an athlete to be at the top of his game. Today, athletes need to be fast and should be able to react quickly in any situation. To help athletes increase speed and response time trainers have started agility training. Agility training is essential for every athlete that wants to be quick and fast. In this article Elite Gamespeed shared a few basic agility training exercises.

Agility training exercises - elite gamespeed
One of the most basic agility training exercises is running at different speeds at intervals. For this exercise you will need a lot of open space to run a gym with a track is a great place for this type of agility exercise. You start by jogging for a few minutes to get warmed up. Then the athlete must run at a sprint for a set amount of time or for a predetermined distance. After sprinting for some time the athlete must return to running at a slower pace. This process should be repeated for fifteen to twenty minutes. A great tip while doing this exercise is to have a friend run at varying speeds in front of the athlete. The person running in front must change their Speed without warning. The athlete will have to change his speed to match the speed of the person running in front of him.

A ladder is a great tool for agility training. There are a number of agility exercises that you can do with the help of a ladder. You can start by facing the ladder and then jump into the empty spaces between the rungs of the ladder as quickly as possible. Once you reach the end of the ladder you sprint back to the starting position. The rungs of the ladder act as barriers and the athlete must go over them when jumping from one empty space to the next. The ladder can also be used horizontally and the athlete can shuffle across the ladder placing one foot into the empty spaces at a time. The problem with using an actual ladder for agility exercises is that it can cause injury if the athlete puts his foot down wrong. You can get an agility ladder for agility training. An agility ladder is a ladder made out of fabric and it can be rolled out onto any flat surface. An agility ladder is usually an essential part of football equipment.

Another great tip when doing agility training is to use ankle weights. This will create more resistance for the athlete when they try to lift their legs and will help them increase the strength of their ankles which are prone to injury. Agility exercises are great for improving reaction times. They help players move quickly. Agility training helps with muscle memory for sporting activities. Ever athlete should include agility sessions in their training regimen. Football players have a lot of need for agility training and football equipment should include the equipment necessary for agility exercises like an agility ladder and ankle weights.